3 Tips to Buy Used Smartphone without Spending Big

Here are 3 handy tips that hopefully can be your first guidance each time you’re planning to purchase used smartphones in the future.

Ensure that the Battery is still Pretty Good

There’s no question that battery is among the most crucial elements in smartphones. The majority of touchscreen display phones, even the new iPhone, have weak battery (except for Samsung or Motorola flagships needless to say). Therefore, it is essential to always operate a test for this area each time you are interested in buying used smartphones.

  • Make sure that the Case Cover is Original

Used smartphones are generally plagued together with the perception their case covers will guide you the whole lot regarding their condition. Well, that is so wrong. You can’t judge the overall quality of used smartphones by taking a look at how glossy its chassis or how flawless its screen. There exists a huge possibility that this seller already covers them with some new 3rd party case covers that obviously could make them seem like new phones, right?

Therefore, like a smart customer, always find out the mindset how the sellers could always replace the original but damaged case cover with some new third party chassis to make sales.

  • Be sure that All of the Physical Buttons Work Perfectly

Physical buttons always ended up being the fragile element on any smartphone that is usually damaged easily when they have been pressed so often through the owners. That is why, when looking into any used smartphone for the store, ensure that each of the physical buttons, remember, all of them, can work perfectly, without hiccup. It is important step that you certainly press each button repeatedly to ensure that the buttons working. If you see there’s any button which gives a poor or delay response (often it works, sometimes it doesn’t) as well as fails whatsoever once you press it, then this best.


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