How to Avoid Cell Phone Health Hazards

There are specific dangers that go along with owning phones. Thus, it is important to know about the opportunity problems they are able to cause, within reach of children and adults.

Normally, cellular can be safe if used properly. That doesn’t mean they are fool proof, however, and the treatment depends upon that’s using one. Children are much more vulnerable to the possible hazards than adults because of the lack of education. This is why it is important that parents have in mind the potential dangers.


There are lots of potential health risks that accompany owning a cell phone. Perhaps one of several largest is the potential risk of electric shock. Batteries are powerful which enable it to shock virtually anybody who uses one. This problem is quite prevalent if the phone is connected the wall to charge, since you are now managing considerably more electrical current.

While adults can shock themselves when using a phone, the real danger is targeted on making use by children

Children and adults alike most both concern yourself with the risk of electric shock with all the their phone outside in the rain. The mixture of water and electronics can cause problems you are holding the phone on their ear, since this can lead to a power shock to the head. For this reason it is important to never use a cell phone should you be outside which is either raining or snowing.


A different sort of health risks is choking. Many folks don’t think about this when selecting or using phones, but removable parts can be ingested and can lead to suffocation when the airway is blocked. Phones with removable rubber or plastic pieces must be avoided.

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