Kids and Cell Phones

Is it safety? Could it be security? Or perhaps is it really cool?

Have you ever noticed what number of kiosks that has appeared inside your favorite mall? And merely about all are selling cell phones. Teens can certainly design their particular graphics and possess the graphic airbrushed on the face from the phone itself. They face plates and antennas that light up on each ring. Just drop by a kiosk the next occasion you’re at the mall, you’ll see the reason.

Cell phones seem to be an incredible security feature for those parents. They can be ‘connected’ to their children around the clock, one week, and 365 days a year. And naturally, it enables a child to dial 911 automobile emergency arises. And now using the GPS Location Sensitivity feature, your child will probably be located during that emergency with ten feet with the phones location.

Obviously, with all this technology and added security, there are several problems. The school systems are increasingly being cluttered with messages or calls in the middle of class. Then there is always the challenge with calls within the hallways and bathrooms going on continuously. Most schools are adopting the “use it during school – you lose it” policy. This has changed into a real burden on school administrators. Their parents as much as carrying the phones themselves back the kids. So this isn’t something they can take away and keep until the end of year. They need to provide phones back after the day. Raise a good enough deterrent to ensure they are off during school hours.





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