Smart Phone Buyer’s Guide

Picking a smart phone seems to be an exercise which becomes more difficult each year as phones become more and more advanced. Just when a purchaser thinks he has all of the information he needs to make an informed choice, some sort of new feature becomes all the rage. When one considers that the computer which flew the astronauts to the moon had less computing power than a four-function calculator, it’s amazing to consider what the contemporary smart phone can do and how far technology has come in just the last decade concerning these amazingly useful handsets.

Picking the Most Important Features

Each cell phone user will utilize her or his phone to get a different purpose. Even though some users could simply use their handset for calls and texting, other users might choose to have the maximum amount of power as possible packed inside their device. This means that one thing to do when searching for a fresh phone would be to identify the most important features any particular one desires, also to then base their search off those parameters.


Exactly what a good phone can do with its compatibility with assorted apps and programs is determined by its operating-system. Depending on such a user should apply his / her phone, getting the right main system is very important. Although a lot of app creators start to produce their applications readily available for the widest possible market, the iOS (from Apple) retains a tremendous lead in overall available applications. Android is making up ground to Apple’s popularity, while Windows and Blackberry are a little further behind.

Call Quality

Smartphones are able to do some wonderful things, but within their very core they’re still used as a communication device. Using a mobile phone just like a traditional telephone remains certainly one of its hottest uses. An excellent design and a few great apps can’t make up for poor call quality. Finding ways to try different phones and their call quality is often a worthwhile investment of your time. Fortunately, most cellular phone providers offer shops where phones can be tested. Beyond pushing each of the buttons for the device, you need to ensure call quality is tested at the same time.



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